Montenegro and Bosnia are going to sign an agreement to share their embassies following the “Nordic” model!

Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro
It’s wise decision because the two countries will decrease the costs and in the same time will enhance the effectiveness of the work of the diplomatic and consular offices. The governments of Montenegro and Bosnia will use the same facilities in the foreign countries to host their offices and in addition they will share the funds.
The Scandinavian countries often do the same and that’s why it’s called the Nordic model!
The government of Montenegro said that has the will to do the same and with other Balkan countries too such as Kosovo, Albania and Serbia. In the past the country made a similar agreement with Macedonia to share diplomatic and consular offices but the project didn’t move very far! They jointed embassy only in Paris!
When two countries have joint representation usually means that they will manage together affairs of the Consulates and the assistance with passports, visas etc.
However, the Foreign Ministry of Mοntenegro made it clear that the offices will be shared but the diplomatic missions not!
According to an agreement that was signed in 2007, Serbia represents the interests of Montenegro in many countries that Mοntenegro doesn’t have diplomatic presence. The country made also similar agreements with Macedonia and Croatia.
Serbia started also an initiative to joint embassies back in 2013. Now the country is inviting Mοntenegro and Macedonia to share new offices in Peru, Chile, Ghana, Venezuela and Cambodia!


Petros Stathis