Belgrade, the capital of Serbia seems to becoming very popular amongst rich people, when it comes to a place to live in. Knight Frank, consultancy of residential and commercial property, classifies it as one the most ideal locations that have a lot to offer to the world’s millionaires.

Belgrade serbia
The city presents a high entrepreneurship level and constitutes the financial and business center of southeastern Europe.
It attracts foreign direct investments and businesses such as the car industry Fiat and the electric company Siemens.
As a result, the region presents a good field for those who want to develop and increase their business activities and has created a highly competitive tax environment.
So it is not a surprise that Belgrade is around the top, on the list of best cities for millionaires.
 Besides Belgrade, other cities that seem ideal for living and invest are Panama City, Addis Ababa and Yangon. This is what the Wealth Report 2015 shows about the cities with rising millionaire population.
For now the increase in the number of rich people who live in Belgrade is around 12 per cent from 2007 to 2014. But it is believed that this number will increase a lot until 2024. It is estimated that this increase will touch the 72 per cent.
So Belgrade appears to be one of the most desirable cities for millionaires. Lonely Planet described it as “one of the most happening cities in Europe”. Lifestyle and investing improvements in Belgrade have made it a top tourist center.


Petros Stathis