A new project is about to happen in the United Arab Emirates after Burj Khalifa. An artificial mountain is at its early stages hoping that there will be an increase on the amount of rainfall due to the rain cloud development, basically on the places suffer most of drought.

As stated by UAE reports is gathering information to construct a true size man-made mountain. Desert fields are creating a trouble to air, making the gathering of rain clouds difficult. So, with the help of a mountain certain amount of rain will be brought to areas suffer from drought.
A man-made mountain to United Arab Emirates in order to expand rainfall
Bruintjes of National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) noted that they are calculating what impacts can they manage on the weather through this type of mountain. They are assessing factors like how high it should be and how the slopes should be.
Analysts are searching all the available data in order to figure out whether this sort for mountain development could be constructed in the UAE. They are also trying to figure out  which are the appropriate proportions of the mountain to urge a huge change in weather patterns.
According to Roelof Bruintjes, scientist and lead analyst on the NCAR group, the mountain simply has to augment the number of clouds, but not the number of rain clouds. After a cloud is developed, a meteorological progress called cloud seeding raises the number of rainfall that the individuals clouds can free. Although, the development of this mountain is currently only a joyful thought!
However, the first thing that scientists and researchers at the NCAR have to take care is the cost of this project. Only if the cost is not extravagant, the engineers would have the possibility to think more about the project's construction in the middle of the desert.


Petros Stathis