Investors are paying attention for one more time in Asia and particularly in Japan! That sudden attention is the result of the rise of the interest rate the U.S. Federal Reserve which disappeared at least for a while the uncertainty for the economy.

After this move of Fed, many businessmen started to think the impact that will have on Asian economies mainly because many of them were worrying about a possible credit crunch and the results of the decline of Chinese economy.
Recently, the Bank of Japan announced that this year will give more funds to companies that invest in human and natural capital. This is certainly encouragements for investors all around the world.
The bank also increased the period that government bonds will mature to 7-12 years next year. Especially Friday, in Christmas day all eyes will be on Japan because its data will be released. It will be the day that also its November Consumer Price Index will be released.
According to a Reuters’ poll the consumer inflation will be flat this year and the low prices of oil may be obstacle to the target of the Central Bank of Japan that is 2% inflation.
It’s possible that the unemployment will have a small increase after the unexpected decline of last month. But for sure there are several issues for the market such as the salaries growth and the working-age population that is decreasing.
Last but not least, it’s expected also an increase in the sector of housing compare to last month’s decrease.
The trade will be until Wednesday, 23 of December when the Emperor of the country is celebrating his 82nd birthday.


Petros Stathis