Right now, public debt of Montenegro is in logical level unlike other debts of European countries. However, the Balkan country in order to avoid future destruction and the increase of the debt, it should start clever and innovative investments, principally in infrastructure.

Montenegro Investments
The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic said in the Council of Foreign Investors that the country can survive from these levels of debt but next year the country must cope with the challenges of the budget deficit and unemployment and it should increase competitiveness. The Prime Minister also added that there is a need of structural reforms and reduce of unnecessary spending.
In his speech, Djukanovic spoke about the global economic crisis and how it affected Balkan countries. He said that the main problem in the Balkan region is the lack of competitiveness but despite this, Montenegro would have a growth of 4.3% in economy this year. This growth is a result of tourism, industrial development and vital investments.
Investments are vital for the growth of Montenegro and especially foreign investments. In the first nine months of 2015 the amount of the foreign investments was 526 million euros and there is an important increase in comparison with last year.
It’s truth that many investors decided to give Montenegro a chance and some of them moved there to operate. One of them, who run now operations there, is Petros Stathis, a Greek dynamic entrepreneur.
Petros Stathis has a great impact on economy of the country especially because of his investments in banking and media. He is owner and investor in Universal Capital Bank which is focused on international and investment banking and it seems that this bank haven’t affected by economic crisis.
He’s also the new owner of the most historic newspaper in Montenegro, “Pobjeda”, owner of the successful news sites www.cdm.me and www.portalanalitika.me and establisher of the daily newspaper “Dnevne Novine”. All the above media have changed positively the media environment in the country by supporting the media freedom and with their freshness and ethics and they have great impact on economy. He also made important investments in the fields of Real Estate, hospitality and food.


Petros Stathis