Last Week, representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) met Serbia’s Prime Minister, Mr. Aleksandar Vucic. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss about the fourth review of the precautionary stand-by arrangement between the government and IMF.

The representatives appeared very satisfied from the country progress and the Prime Minister expressed his gratitude for their positive attitude. He also stated that Serbia will continue its successful march, in order to stay in a stable road of progress.
 James Roaf, head of the IMF representatives seemed very optimistic as every other international financial institution agrees that Serbia’s reform efforts had very positive results. The country presented an obvious development.
 The main topic of the meeting was the restructuring of companies, such as Serbian Railways, Srbijagas, RTB Bor and also the Electric Power Industry of Serbia.
 Mr. Vucic stated that next time his discussions with the International Monetary Fund, will target the public sector and more specifically the efforts of its rationalization. Next visit of the IMF in Belgrade is already programmed.
 The Prime Minister appeared very satisfied and optimistic that Serbia will fulfill its obligations and succeed its goals within the agreed timeframe. He believes that despite the difficulties that may occur, about state-owned enterprises and the issue of privatization of the remaining 10 companies in the restructuring, the country will walk through them.
 He also stated that the government’s efforts will focus on the increase of the gross domestic product and also the stabilization of public debt. Of course more actions will be in the future in order to accomplish its other commitments.


Petros Stathis