Dubai, the most glamorous city in the United Arab Emirates, is already known for some of its record-breakers events and buildings, such as the world's tallest building. According to Dubai's leader, SheikhMohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, Dubai really wants to be the number one!

After this kind of statement, it seems that Dubai wants to be the first succeeding in… happiness. To be more specific, there is a new idea about the construction of the first “city of happiness”. It is about a city with happy citizens and it is all about finding solutions to everyday issues.

"The time has come to welcome home happiness", were the exact words of Khalifa al-Safin, executive chairman of Dubai Aviation City Corp. and Dubai South.

Happiness city is going to be a huge project and for sure, it sounds like one. Although, in the UAE everything is possible. Furthermore, the government announced a new position, by the name “minister of state for happiness”, which intrigued some ambiguous feelings to the everyday people.

Before that statement, Dubai had launched its own "Happiness Index" in 2014 in order to manage create a policy, which is going to be in favor of the well-being of the citizens, as concerns immaterial ways. There are a few touch-screen terminals in some public buildings in order for the passengers to leave their feedback to help this project come to life. The city’s goal is 95% estimated amount of happiness by 2021.

Moreover, it is significant to mention that a "Happiness Center" has recently opened where the citizens can have access to birth certificates, medical reports and other information easily, fact that helps in the well-being of the residents.

However, UAE is not the first city that had accomplished this goal. Many were the leaders of different countries, who had announced similar projects introducing the concept of good living and well-being in their city policy.


Petros Stathis