There are not enough chairs for all young people interested in learning Greek

Greek Language Courses
For the past 14 years, Greek Embassy of Montenegro is organizing free courses of the Greek language with great success. From the very beginning, the goal was to further improve relations between Montenegro and Greece, bringing people even closer through learning about the history, culture and civilisation of each other, and creating a feeling of unity.

As Dnevne Novine is reporting, this year the particiation has exceeded all expectations, with more than 150 people from Podgorica attending last Wednesday the Maskim Gorki elementary school to enroll in the free lessons of the Greek language.

Welcoming the new generation of students, Sotirios Athanasiou, the Ambassador of Greece in Montenegro, said that he was glad to see so many young people, interested in learning Greek.

“I am glad to see so many young people here. It shows that you have great interest in learning the Greek language, as well as in Greece in general”, he stated.

“Now we have the generation of students who acquired the language so well that they speak Greek as good as I do. I hope that the new participants will be persistent enough to learn the Greek language well. I want to warn you that this is a difficult language, so you need to make a lot of effort to learn it. I believe you will do so and I wish you success and a happy start”, he added.

The ambassador thanked the Maksim Gorki school for providing a classroom for the course and the Ministry of Education for good cooperation through all these years. 

Νevertheless, due to the large number of interested students, the classroom provided for the course is insufficient, and the participants have to be divided into groups.

The ambassador noted the issue as well.

“I am very pleased with the number of people interested in the course, but also a little scared because of the large number of candidates, and we have unfortunately only one classroom and one teacher available. There will be problems in organising the classes”, the ambassador said.


Petros Stathis