Greece is a country that needs immediately independent Media and Press Freedom!

According to a report of Freedom House in 2015, Greece had the biggest decline in Press Freedom in the World which is believed that is linked to the crisis and the political situation that strangles the country for years now.

Another report of Reporters Without Borders had similar disappointing results. It ranked Greece at #89 which is the worst in Western Europe and most of South America.

The big problem in the country is that media are in the hands of a very small number of business owners who press them for their political and business interests. The most of these owners have other business in public works, contracts, construction and oil imports and they use media to promote these businesses.

There is a very recent incident that proves this bad situation. Before some days there was the voting and discussion in the Greek Parliament about cutting pensions even more and adding more taxes to an already over-taxed society. During these crucial days, the media union of the country had called for a strike “coincidentally”! So during the voting, the TV channels had bad TV shows like “Your face sounds familiar”. As a result people who don’t use Internet or they don’t use smartphones like old people, didn’t have access to information.

However, inside this disappointing environment there is campaign, created by young people and journalists, that fights for independent media in the Greece and is called “Athens Live”. Athens Live is trying to create a truly independent media website with an unfiltered flow of news and information. The campaign is in Indiegogo to crowd fund their first few months of operations, which includes equipment and the creation of a website. You can see it here.

During the last months they’re working hard and they have already accomplished some interesting numbers and breaking news. Disappointingly, no Greek media is referring to the initiative. The Nation, German Public Television –, European Journalism Observatory, Media Power Monitor and the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom have all covered Athens Live’s campaign. In Greece only a small newspaper in Crete and a fashion magazine covered the campaign.

Everyone can help them to succeed through Indiegogo but hurry up because the campaign is over on Friday, May 20. We wish them to make a real change in the media environment of Greece!


Petros Stathis