If you are having a good idea connected to the media industry, the appropriate place for you to be is Dubai. With your conception and the help of the Tecom Group, you can have a great commercial possibility, with the latter mentoring you and offering you a gamut of support.

The event, which is branded by in5 Media, is going to be accommodated at International Media Production Zone and its result will be known “before the next summer.” The candidates with the brilliant ideas will participate in the authorization process, which starts in Q1-2016.
When they have been selected, they will have up to 5 months to make their idea possible by finding their own means to make it viable. Everybody can participate, from a small or a bigger undertaking to “a student with a graduation project, who wants to take it a bit further”, the official denotes.
Approximately 200 to 250 candidates and their ideas could participate to this project. All of them are going to have access to an office space, to be benefited by the industry-specific needs and they are going to have the opportunity to discuss their ideas with experts and their mentors are going to offer them the services wanted.
The financing on the working program will be Dh60 million. The necessary equipment will be given in the second quarter 2016!
On that five-month limit, the chosen future participants will have to bring their projects to market, as Malek Al Malek, CEO of Tecom Business Parks, said and he believes that they are having plenty of time to “get the thing done.”
Second time, already the Tecom is organizing an incubation platform like this. The previous time, the event took place at the in5 at Dubai Internet City, in 2013, which up until now it has more than 20 thousands of individuals engaged.


Petros Stathis