It’s known that flights isn’t the best thing in a trip! Where it’s a short flight somewhere near or a long flight around the world, there are some things that you should so before.

Wear appropriate clothes!

Before every flight you should choose your clothes based on comfort and the destination. The temperature inside the airplane sometimes can be chilly so take with you a jacket to be sure. Also it’s very important to wear something loose and comfortable so you’ll be relaxed during your trip. If you’re going to a destination with different climate, have a change of clothes near you!

Take with you hygiene products!

Put in a small your toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and facial wipes. If you have these you can be refreshed whenever you want!

Drink a lot of liquids!

Before and during your flight you should drink a lot of water and in general liquids. The air condition of the airplane can change your fluid levels so have a bottle of water always with you!

Don’t drink alcohol!

We know that alcohol can be a temptation during a flight and sometimes you can’t resist especially if you are with your friends. Although you should avoid it in the plane because dehydrates you and make you more vulnerable to illness. Instead of alcohol, you should try herbal tea which is healthier and hydrates you.

Take with you some food!

No matter how long will be your flight, there are always possibilities that you’ll be hungry. It’s a good idea to take with you some small snacks like nuts, raisins, chocolate. Remember that fruits and vegetables are not permitted by some airlines, so probably are not a good idea!


Petros Stathis