The 11th of May was the day that Port of Bar in Montenegro hosted its first cruise. This was its seal into the Adriatic cruise market.

Port of Bar cruise
Bar, managed by Global Ports Holding subsidiary Port of Adria, embraced Thomson Cruises' Thomson Celebration at its 280m quay.

The ship, started its journey by Dubrovnik, Croatia this summer, was driven ashore with 1,222 travelers and 550 people as crew. Many events occurred for the passengers. They had the opportunity to admire traditional dances and tasting regional cuisine. After enjoying themselves, the travelers could visit Stari Bar, Skadar Lake and Sveti Stefan. Moreover, they had the chance to navigate themselves to Bar and to pay a visit to the nourishment market in the downtown area.

According to Sedat Kara, acting CEO of Port of Adria, the Port is appropriate to welcome vessels of all kind and as a region they are planning to upgrade the conditions even more futurely. Global Ports Holding is planning to advertise Bar even more as a cruise port now, after the achievement with Thomson's call.

Arpak Demircan, agent CEO of Global Ports Holding believes that there is a great potential as far as cruise tourism advancement concerns. “We are planning on advertise Bar even more so as to expand the quantity of cruisers and open doors for regional economy. Furthermore, these good impressions made by this first visit will help Bar be on the Adriatic journey schedules for sure,” he adds.

Finally, it is important to mention that competent authorities believe that a positive boost on the city's economy will be given by the development of the cruise market of the Bar.


Petros Stathis