It is the worst-ever financial crisis for the state of Montenegro, which cannot afford fundamental supplies and essential gear to equip its public healthcare facilities. This situation is affecting everybody and the personnel cannot make a proper work.

The financial crisis starts to affect Montenegrin healthcare
A lack in medical supplies, drugs or even to essential equipment is creating problems to patients. A scheduled medical examination is not that simple any more since state funding hospitals are facing difficulties due to financial issues.
Even on the Clinical Centre in the capital Podgorica, people have to wait in lines for hours in order to be examined by a doctor or by a certain gear. There is a great lack of personnel which leads to overbooking on certain days or even a delayed appointment up to two or three months in order to be performed a fundamental examination or test.
Besides the pressure from media and the patients’ rights, the Health Insurance Fund announced that has only five million euro aside for every hospital on the state for 2016 – here we should note that this amount is three times less than what is necessary for now, so it is not in position to give basic medical supplies to all.
The Fund, which is the state institution that controls the distribution of medical supplies to public hospitals, said that “the healthcare system is about to collapse”.
Moreover, the data from a recent research published by State Audit Administration in March, indicated that those debts owed by the Fund and state funding healthcare clinics surpassed the amount of 50 million euros in 2015.
Although, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic reassured that these debts have taken care of in a great extent and the current amount is up to 10 million euros.


Petros Stathis