Montenegro faced different reactions about its decision to make the ex-concentration camp of the island Mamula. The most reactions were from the relatives of the ex-prisoners who were very angry.

Mamula is located in the famous bay of Kotor in the Adriatic Sea and during the Second World War Italians made the place a concentration camp. It’s believed that a lot of prisoners lost their lives there. According to the war veterans’ association of Montenegro, the fortress had 2.000 inmates, from whom 80 were executed and 50 were died because of hunger.
Now, the beautiful country of Balkans will let a Swiss-Egyptian private company to invest 15 million euros in Mamula and build 5-star resort.
The head of Montenegro’s tourism development, Olivera Brajovic stated that the country had 2 options, or to let the island be unusable and be destroyed or transform it into something usable and beautiful that people can visit. So they chose the second option and found the appropriate investors.
Brajovic said also, to answer to the relatives who are complaining, that there will be a special room in memory of the ex-inmates of the concentration camp. Despite that, the complaints continued. One campaigner said that it’s impiety of the history to build a resort for entertainment in a place like this. The woman whose grandfather, father and uncle were prisoners in Mamula said that the fortress should be renovated and be a historic site like other ex-concentration camps in the world.
The company that will invest in Mamula stated that they understand the big historic value and they’ll try to preserve the unique façade of the fortress.


Petros Stathis