Art Dubai: Lets all remember the most significant facts during the past decade as Art Dubai is becoming 10 years old!

Art Dubai
 We all remember with nostalgia 2006 for various reasons. For instance, that was when Friday and Saturday were formally announced the weekend in the UAE and Wikipedia publicized its one-millionth article. Furthermore, when the mainstream Arabic TV arrangement Bab Al Hara launched on MBC, 50 floors of the Burj Khalifa had been manufactured and Edvard Munch's painting “The Scream” was reborn two years after it was stolen from the Munch Museum in Oslo. But the most important of reasons is when the Gulf Art Fair, now known as Art Dubai, was conceived.
 These occasions and some others from that year are part of another visual campaign for Art Dubai, which will become 10 years old when it comes back from March 16 to 19.“For us in Dubai it feels like a milestone, however we would not like to be excessively sentimental”, says Antonia Carver, Art Dubai's fair director. “We needed to trigger that memory and that history of what has happened in the previous 10 years.”
 33% of the campaign’s pictures are associated with the area, while another percentage is universal. This methodology, says Carver, constitute a "natural" procedure. Despite the fact that the campaign has an alternate visual style every year, the most powerful feature is its logo – signature bars that describe Art Dubai in Arabic via booths, walls and pictures.
 For the past five years, Art Dubai has worked with Kemistry Design, headed by Hani Charaf who states, "Ten years is not that much time in 'fair years', so we attempted to keep in our mind the date by connecting it to numerous things that happened in the decade". "These things can be very significant events on which you can focus or others that are extremely plain."
 The groups started by preparing lists which included the significant events and separating them as indicated by topics. A part of the visuals were illustrated and others were picked up from stock photography, provided by people or purchased from archives.Some of that occasions are included more than once and some others do not have related pictures, as for instance the one standing for the UAE weekend.
 The ideas that managed to make it to the finish line were chosen by democratic vote, says Charaf. Every picture is edited in an unexpected way; some are high contrast, some are kitschy representations, others are graphic-led. At last, plenty of effort and a thorough review of the year that this event was conceived, made this experience one and only and made a recap of the occasions of 2006 successfully.


Petros Stathis