Nearly 6 out of 10 persons employed in the tourism industry are women

According to a survey issued by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, more than 12 million persons were employed in the European tοurism industries through the year 2014, equilavent to 9% of total employment in the EU non financial business economy in 2013.
"Tοurism industries" refers to economic activities related to tourism but not necessarily relying on this particular sector only, while the "non-financial business economy" refers to the sectors of industry, construction and distributive trades and services.
The survey focuses mostly on the sectors of accommodation, travel agencies and air transport, industries that's related almost entirely on tοurism. Total activities in this "core" tourism industries accounted for almost 3.3 million jobs.
In contrast with the non-financial business economy, in 2014 the share of part-time occupation in the core tourism sectors was significally higher than in the total non-financial business economy.
Part time employment reached 24% of all jobs in core tοurism activities (versus 17% in the non-financial business activities), while less stable jobs attained 21% of all temporary jobs (vs. 14%).
In addition, data from Eurostat reveales that tourism is a major employer of women in the EU. In 2014, women accounted for at least two-thirds of employment in core tourism activities (58%), while women represented just over a third (36%) of persons employed as far as the non-financial business economy is concerned.


Petros Stathis