A philanthropy group by the name Food Forward, in Dubai, is getting in touch with eating outlets and is asking for their remains in order to pass them over to people in need.

Ramadan is a period about providing to individuals who are less lucky than us and Dubai has never stopped caring about citizens that really need our help. Unfortunately, the month of Ramadan emphasizes the problem of food goes to waste.

Food Forward started, a year before, by a Dubai inhabitant in October, which is getting in touch with some food establishments’ owners in order to provide food for labour camps and workers.

According to some measurements, the waste of food during the Ramadan period is rising. If only, we can think that on an everyday nourishing program the normal waste of food is up to 33-38 per cent and during Ramadan it went up to 55 per cent or more. It is critical to mention that in the UAE, there is an average of 350kg food wastage per inhabitant per year.

Behind the whole Food Forward action in Dubai, there is Anar Ebrahim, a 38-year-old Canadian mother with two children. This woman is an exemplary figure, such as she is running this philanthropy project during the whole year and not just in the Ramadan period.

Although, this activity is still an ongoing project.

"At this moment, it is just a small step and a-one individual activity. In order to make a bigger step we should be enlisted as a charity. In our future plans are: the investigation of a refrigerated truck and the employment of personnel to check whether the food we are managing to get, can be well spent”, she told Khaleej Times.

The main steps that Anar does are to contact some restaurants that donate food and to fill her fringe outside her home in the Palm, from where people in need can profit of it. It is important to mention that approximately thousands of people have already been helped by this philanthropy project.


Petros Stathis