The title of the busiest airport in the world for 2015 goes to Dubai’s International airport according to Dubai Airports operator this Monday. The airport accepted more than 78 million passengers the previous year which were more than enough to put it on top of the list.

The traffic in Dubai International saw an important increase of 10.7 per cent on its passengers than a year earlier. From 70,473,893 in 2014 the number rise to 78,014,838 until December 31 in 2015. The next busiest airport that is close to Dubai’s was Heathrow in London, which accepted a total of 74,959,000 passengers both international and domestic in the same year.
The most popular destination for visitors served from Dubai International was the city of Doha with 2,782,600 passengers and after that London with 2,659,602 followed by Mumbai with 2,214,221. A very important role to the increased traffic in the airport played the market. India’s market was Dubai’s strongest for 2015, as a total number of 10,391,376 passengers traveled in order to visit the country, 17 per cent more than 2014.
The second most popular market was this of the UK. Passengers who traveled through Dubai International to visit London were about 5,682,307, up 6 per cent from last year. After UK follows Saudi Arabia with 5,466,358 visitors. The two months that saw the biggest increase in traffic, were August and December.
In 2015, the International airport of Dubai also included some new airlines to its base, like those of Air Canada launching flights from Toronto, Eurowings from Cologne and China Southern from Wuhan.


Petros Stathis