Dubai Municipality has warned about the dangers that exists to the beaches after sunset. In order to prevent the accidents that keeps happening in beaches, has launched a campaign as part of a social media awareness.

The trigger for this move was the drowning of an Indian man while he was swimming in Umm Suqeim in early hours. This incident was not the only one, as recent cases reported many other drowning incidents.

The municipality decided to go public through social media with some instructions about the swimming in open beaches.

The first of all the instructions recommended the public not to swim after sunset. Although, Dubai Police has warned in the past for the same matter, identifying that the possibility of drowning is higher when people are swimming in the dark.

Moreover, the beachgoers have been warned about the swimming when the red flag is raised during the bad weather conditions. Simultaneously, when the yellow flag is raised swimmers should swim with caution and never to ignore the instructions of the lifeguard.

Furthermore, swimmers should be careful and not to swim near to rocky areas and outside of the safe zones, especially since in Dubai beaches have been marked and swimmers should not past these limits.

Last but not least, the civic body advised the beachgoers that children are a priority in the beaches as concerns their safety. They should be a responsibility of the adults that they are accompanying them.

More instructions are about the pets in the beaches and the garbage and the clean beaches. The barbeques or any other kind of fire are not allowed to the beaches and photography and sleeping overnight are prohibited.

Finally, swimmers should consider their outfits at the beaches as it should be in accordance with the local customs.


Petros Stathis