An amazing Bluewaters Island project near Jumeirah Beach Residence is about to become reality. It will be the biggest Ferris wheel in the world, since it is going to reach the 260 meters in height. Yes, we are talking about two football fields in height!

Dubai Eye Ferris wheel
Once finished, the title for the tallest Ferris wheel will be awarded to the Dubai Eye instead of the current title-holder, the 167m High Roller in Las Vegas.A video has, also, been released from Meraas Holding, where you can see the behind scenes from the development of this megastructure.

"We are on Bluewaters Island… Dubai Eye will be the greatest Ferris wheel on the planet", an unnamed engineer adds on the video.
Dubai Eye Ferris-2
Moreover, he clarified that the width of the wheel will be 250 meters, and once it is set up on a four-legged frame, the wheel will be around 260 to 262 meters tall.

While describing the project, a specialist explains that guests will have the opportunity to live a 4D cinema experience. Dubai’s facts will be presented there. It will have two elevators, which will move the guests to the capsules, where they would embrace the breathtaking view of the city. The flight duration will be for about 48 minutes.

As it is mentioned before, this is a project of Meraas Holding and it is designed to hold up to 1,400 guests into its 48 capsules while they are admiring the magnificent panoramic view of Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa. Moreover, the visitors could celebrate their personal special moments into these flying capsules.

Last but not least, this masterpiece of engineering is hoping to become the center of attraction in Dubai. More than three million visitors per year are expected to come to the city just to admire Dubai Eye.


Petros Stathis