Expo 2020 is the organization that everyone in Dubai is waiting for!

Expo 2020
The big event is going to give to thousands of people jobs and enhance the already developed economy of Dubai!

Before some days, the organizers of the event presented the plan for the site of Expo 2020. The site will be in Jebel Ali and is expected to have 25 million visitors from 180 countries. It will last 6 months from October 2020 until April 2021 and it will have exhibitions of products, trade and innovation from all the world.

The organizers presented the master plan during the Arab Media Forum and its visitors had the chance to watch first how Expo 2020 will look like. Watch the video in the end of the article.

The gated Expo site will cover two square kilometers around the Al Wasl meeting plaza. The organizers are going to build 3 themed districts near the meeting plaza, called Mobility, Opportunity and Sustainability. In every zone there will be a pavilion where latest innovations, ideas and developments will be presented.

The National Media Council revealed recently the winning design for the Pavilion of UAE. According to the organizers, the design of the UAE Pavilion represents all the principles and values of the nation which are connection, tolerance and inclusion. All Expo 2020 Dubai is based on the same concept.

The global event is expected to create more than 277,000 job positions. The procedure of the hiring (at least for the majority of the positions) is expected to start in 2018.


Petros Stathis