Propably there are several reasons why someone would want to move in Dubai: It's an amazing city! But before make this big step you should know these things.

1. You ''ll speak more english than you expect!

Propably you imagine that you ll go in Dubai and you 'll say a lot of “assalamu alaikum” but it's possible that you'll say more “hellos”. Dubai is an international city full of foreigners! 70% of the population is coming from other countries so don't worry you won't be alone
2. It's an Islamic city and there is no problem about this!

Islam is the official religion but you should know that Dubai is the least conservative emirate of UAE. Obviously you should respect the religion as everywhere else but you can freely practice yours and buy pork and alcohol (with alcohol license) if you want.
3. Sunday will be your new Monday!

You should know that the workweek in Dubai starts on Sunday and finishes on Thursday. You ll get used to it easily but don't think that Friday will be like Saturday in other countries. Friday is holy day and almost everything is closed especially during the hours of the prayer.
4. It will be extremely hot outside and extremely cold inside!

Propably you know already that during the summer months, it's very hot outside. But you should keep in mind that it will be extremely cold inside! There is air conditioning almost everywhere and so be ready for a mix of Sahara and Alaska!
5. It's almost tax free!

If you decided to move to Dubai, you would propably be aware of this important fact. There is no income tax if your income is less than $97,600 but there are other taxes like taxes on alcohol, on restaurant services etc.
6. The city is safe!

Maybe you listen to a lot of stories about no safety in Middle East but don't believe all of them! Dubai has been ranked as one of the safest cities in the world!


Petros Stathis