Dubai: According to a municipality official, by 2016, Dubai Municipality will evaluate the level of sanitation and nourishment safety to food outlets, by a coloring system. This new evaluating framework will influence 14,000 nourishment establishments in Dubai, including  restaurants, cafeterias, caterings and nourishment producers.

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This color coded plan will replace the municipality’s 70 inspectors who were responsible for checking the sanitation at food outlets. This is the first time that such an activity is implemented in the country.
As reported by the Sultan, Ali Al Taher, who is the head of the Food Inspection Section, this new system will upgrade the nourishing safety standards in the food establishments. There will be 5 distinct divisions in the color card — green, light green, yellow, red and white — each one with its own interpretation as far as the review of each nourishment outlet. If an eatery gains more than 95 points, a green card would be honored to it by the Dubai Municipality. A light green card will be given to those eateries which score an adequate rating, between 90 and 94, and they do not have more than 5 secondary violations. If the score lies between 75 and 89, a yellow card will be given to the outlet. This card will be issued if a major violation has been occurred or more than 7 minor.
At the present time, almost 200 outlets have been handed out the A-grade green cards, which means that they do not have any violations throughout routine municipal inspections. On the contrary, a red card demonstrates those eateries who are neglected and they did not pass the inspections. More specifically, they have been recording one or two significant violations or a great amount of minor violations (more than 7), and have been scoring 60 to 74. Once the important adjustments are made, the nourishment outlet will get a white placard and the final score of the eatery will be decided by the following review.
Finally, the three lowest cards will not be shown to the clients in order not to destroy the reputation of the food establishments, as a municipality official reported.


Petros Stathis