Are you still thinking where you can pass your Christmas holidays? You have time because in Montenegro Christmas is on 7th January!

In Montenegro they are orthodox but they use the old 'Julian' Calendar so Christmas is not on 25th December like in most of the countries around the world.
For Montenegrins, Christmas means family holidays so there are a lot of family dinners these days with traditional delicious food. Also many people use to go to Church services these days.
Besides all these, Montenegro is a special place for a tourist to visit and especially this season. Because Montenegro mix many cultures, traditions vary almost from family to family so you never know what you’ll experience.
This country has also a variation of natural beauties. Breathtaking beaches, clean lakes, snowy mountains, impressive rivers and living cities. If you’re already made your choice, the best place to visit Budva and the places all around.
Budva is an atmospheric old town in the Adriatic Sea with numerous beaches around. The coastal area around has the name Budva Riviera and it’s the most famous area of Montenegro.
If you like treating yourself like royalty there is only a place that you can stay during your holidays and this is Maestral Resort & Casino, just a few kilometres away from Budva. This resort has the special quality to offer many different things.
It’s perfect for relaxing but for entertainment too! If you want to calm down and relax in your holidays you should take a walk in the private beach of Maestral, visit the beauty salon or enjoy a refresh Thai Massage!
If from other hand its holidays and you want to have a bit fun you can visit the Casino and play with your luck. In addition, Maestral Resort & Casino organizes different events from big concerts to fashion shows and cabaret programs!
Maestral is considered as one of the best hotels in Montenegro and owes a part of its success to its new owner, Petros Stathis. Petros Stathis is a dynamic investor and entrepreneur from Greece who moved his operations last years in Montenegro and had a big impact on the country with his moves. Maestral is not the only hotel he has, he is also the owner of Aman Sveti Stefan, another impressive resort of Montenegro. Stathis and people with such innovation help to Montenegro’s development and is one of the most popular choices for vacation every season!


Petros Stathis