It seems that a new era begins for the Montenegrin soldiers, as things getting stricter concerning the dress code. From now on soldiers can’t have long hair, visible tattoos or piercing, smoke in public. They cannot even have an umbrella when it’s raining!

The Defence Ministry of Montenegro decided to change some things as they believe that the army is looser than it must be. According to this new decision, soldiers must not smoke in common view, they can’t carry an umbrella and they can’t have with them any other items such as bags when in service. Plus, in the contrary to the past the visible tattoos or body piercing is no longer permitted having or not a racist or vulgar meaning. The hair changes too as long hair are not acceptable anymore and it must be short and lower from the level where the ears meet the head. They must also be always shaved and clean, even when they leave and men cannot wear any short of cosmetics or nail polish and they can’t have earings.
Sunglasses are also banned for the soldiers in any ceremony or parade they join in. The only exceptions are the “medical sunglasses” in cases of eyesight problems.
Women of course cannot be excluded. They can wear only very light cosmetics that aren’t creating an unnatural result. Heavy makeup or any excesses such as false eyelashes are banned and they can only use clear nail polish if they wish to. Plus the hair must always be fastened or pinned. No other hairstyle is acceptable.
And of course last but not least, all soldiers must abstain from alcohol, drugs or any other addictions and they will be discharged in case of disobedience.


Petros Stathis