Winter Kotor Carnival celebration, customarily, is constantly held by Public Company Cultural Center "Nikola Đurković" and Tourism Organization of Kotor, under the sponsorship of Municipality Kotor, who are sorting out this ​​event each year.

The ​​event numbers numerous hundreds of years long ​​tradition and i​is focused on combining social legacy and visitor offer, highlighting rich social legacy and social occasions in the region of Boka Bay and ​​promotion of the city Kotor and Montene​gro.​
​People of all age, and everywhere throughout the world join in this celebration and are gathered in view of their hobbies, social and creational needs. Various guests can appreciate bright unique outfits, music and Mediterranean soul of the ​locals and various ​​carnival ​​masks from Kotor, Montenegro and the district.
Kotor individuals pick diverse ​"​Carnival victim​" each year​​, and that means an improper for everything awful happened to the town itself that year. Individuals are practical, so they pick something that is progressing issue around then, for everyone in Kotor. ​Putting on fire the Carnival is the ​​clos​ing event on this sign. After it, every single ​local​ and guests are welcome to celebrate together, within the city, in numerous bars, ​rests​ and town squares. It is constantly upbeat and cheerful​. ​​This is the ​​event that you can not mis​s!​
​​On the other hand, Budva Carnival is younger then Kotor one, ​​however it turned out to be extremely mainstream on the global phase of jamborees in a matter of moments!
The town of Budva​ ​during this period​ ​is ornamented with the Carnival ​​banners and ​​images. It ​​visualizes a ​​preparatory Carnival parade in the Old Town as a teaser for the ​​principle carnival (abrum), Large and Small Carnival Processions, and a rich three-day cultural and entertaining program.
​​During your stay at Budva you can enjoy your​ break​ meal ​during the celebrations ​at the Aman Resort's Olive Tree restaurant directly overlooks the iconic island of Sveti Stefan and has extensive outdoor seating on offer as well as a quintessentially Aman-style minimalist modern interior that may be the most luxurious restaurant interior in Montenegro to date. Open to hotel guests and outsiders, the highly trained staff in smart uniforms make sure that every guest is treated as a VIP. The concise menu of superior meat and seafood dishes meanwhile includes a handful of local classics that are worth considering as, if anywhere is going to prepare them well for an international audience, it is the Aman.​ The owner of the place, Mr. Petros Stathis, has arranged everything so as to be treated like Royals. ​


Petros Stathis