Creating a business card is essential for your company or organization, as it is something that shows off a part of your work.

Certainly you wouldn't choose to make a business card having your picture on it and you would hardly hire a lawyer based on the way they look like on their business cards, right?! But in the Real-Estate world the rules don't really apply the same way!

A lot of Real-Estate agents choose to use their pictures on their business cards as it seems that there is a belief that attractive agents are going to have an edge. Some examples are Matt Tavener and Molly de Mattos who have gone forward with a dual headshot since they share the same business card!

Alison Ziefert, an agent who recently moved to another real estate firm, decided to change her picture too, chosing a more casual look. “I think the card should reflect me — what I do and the towns I work in”, she states. 

Leslie K. Mills, a real-estate agent with Coldwell Banker, has a rather old picture on her card, because updating her card will require the participation of her professional partner, Debra E. Smith. Their joint card shows the women dressed in a similar style—in print blouses and pants—with equally wide, approachable smiles.

One thing that every agent needs to keep on their mind is that as with pictures in social media and even in dating sites, a photo on a business card needs to reflect and resemble the reality, meaning the real person.

That is something that Tom Ferry, a California-based real-estate coach, seems to advise every agent he coaches. “If you choose to use your headshot on your business card and marketing, make sure it is up-to-date and resembles what you actually look like in real life”, he states.


Petros Stathis