Eight deputies of the Bundestag and political faction "Die Linke" (left), sent in late October a set of questions to the Federal Government of Germany related to Montenegro.

Bundestag MPs were wondering whether the federal government shared the assessment that "Montenegrin media are controlled by the government". In response to the MPs, German officials stated that in the last few years, a daily newspaper Dnevne Novine, in the opinion of the German Government, has been noticed for its impartial reporting, and the fact that it cannot be assigned to either side.
"Montenegro has a pluralistic media scene with as much as five daily newspapers to 650.000 citizens. The largest market share conceivably falls to dailied Vijesti and Dan, which are critical of the Government. Pobjeda daily, which is a positively-oriented toward the Government, is no longer owned by the state. This, long subsidized newspaper, was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2014, after which it was bought by a private investor", the response to the deputies of Bundestag reads.
It is further added that in early 2014, a tabloid named Informer was formed, a branch of the eponymous Serbian tabloid, which also appears to be a government-friendly media.
"In the last few years, a daily newspaper Dnevne Novine established itself with impartial reporting that cannot attributed to either side", said the asnwer of German diplomats to their colleagues in the Bundestag.


Petros Stathis