The Bosnian specialists are checking the conceivable effect on the neighborhood alcoholic drinks market, as Coca-Cola reports intention to purchase Banja Luka refreshments company MB Impex.

Worldwide drinks goliath Coca-Cola is wanting to purchase MB Impex, a refreshment maker from the Banja Luka, capital of the principally Serbian element in Bosnia, Republika Srpska.

Bosnia's Council for Competition recently said it had gotten notice from Coca-Cola's Serbian auxiliary, HBC-Serbia, on July 14, in which it sketched out the arrangement to get MB Impex. The Council should now survey the merger for its presumable effect on the Bosnian liquor market.

"Hence, we are welcoming every intrigued business dynamic in the mixed drink showcase and in different markets [that merger may affect] ... to submit ... suppositions," it was stated.

The buy would be directed through Coca-Cola HBC-Serbia.

Impex was established in 1996 in Banja Luka and produces mixed refreshments utilizing natural products, nectar and therapeutic herbs. As indicated by the Economic Register of Republika Srpska, it utilizes 39 staff and fares to 13 nations. It additionally claims plantations and generation territories and has a yearly yield of around 500,000 liters.

"This securing shows that, in spite of everything in this nation, you can, in any case maintain a fruitful business. Lamentably, this is just a segregated wonder, not a run or a trace of a pattern towards expanding outside speculation," Banja Luka-based financial analyst Predrag Dudukovic told BIRN.


Petros Stathis