Through a referendum, the United Kingdom has chosen to leave the EU on the 23 rd of June of the previous year. This decision lead to some doubts and diplomatic uncertainties to the international community.

The effects prove even truer for the European parts which either had a large number of their citizens that lives in the UK and those who are seeking membership or further inclusion. Some uncertainties were felt by those who are willing to join the European Union specially the Western Balkans that includes Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and further away Kosovo. For years, the UK has been a great asset and crucial partner for the regional states as it extended various help like assisting on Croatia’s bid for accession, Serbia’s promotion, and establishing the “Anglo-German Initiative” together with Germany, which helped the chances of accession of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

According to the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, “the Balkans are at the heart of Europe and their future is inside the European Union.” This is to reassure that despite the drawbacks from the scenarios brought by the Brexit presently speaking and in the future, there could be benefits as well. Even in the height of “Brexit”, the European project is still appealing because the EU could still commit itself to a quicker process of enlargement.


Petros Stathis