Another Entertainment park had recently opened in Dubai which offers extreme adventures that will get people back in touch with nature. Uniquely located in Mushrif Park in Mirdif, the Adventura Nature Adventure Park features invigorating activities for those looking for fun thrills and for getting fit.

Aventura Nature Adventure Park
While there are a variety of fun activities to do in the UAE, this park boasts a 35,000 square meter stretch of forest with thrilling rope courses. It opened December last year, offering people a reconnection with a jungle-like adventure with a hint of an urbanized layout.

The park guarantees a topnotch excitement with their 9 meters high above ground rope courses. It includes: rope-climbing, tree-surfing, zip-lining, etc.

They also have circuits if you’re 6 years old and above categorized as follows:
 1. Rangers for children
 2. Explorador, for challenging but a mid-range difficult obstacle at 2-3 meters high
 3. Adventura
 4. Thrillers for teens and adults like zip-lining across the park at 5-9 meters high
 5. Xtreme – which is labeled as the ‘the most daring circuit of them all’

Reviewed by Gulf News’ Senior Infographic Artist, Dywnn Trazo, here’s what he has to say about it:
 “I just had to try it for myself.

But first! Safety. Before I embarked on my adventure, the park’s personnel made sure we were equipped with fail-safe harnesses. For about 15 minutes, we were also briefed with navigating the circuit obstacles as some of them can be tricky, not to mention nerve-racking, to get from one platform to another.

All set. It’s time to get Xtreme! Haha!
 So, there I was, suspended in mid-air, about 9 meters above ground, gripping ropes and wires tightly and hanging on for dear life. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I don’t want to die this way’. I’m north of advanced when it comes to fitness, so I didn’t expect the Xtreme circuit to push me physically. It did.
aventura 1
Many things stood out to me. The initial wall climb to the top was the starting point and in the middle of that ascent I could already feel my knees trembling. The combination of the dizzying height and the fear of falling took over me. You know it’s safe as you are strapped to a harness but you can’t rely on that for comfort, at least not if you’re trying a ropes course for the first time, like me. Another one that still gets my palms sweaty just by thinking about it, is having to cross suspended log bridges. The steps hang individually from ropes on each end and they move in unexpected directions once you step on them. It must’ve taken me a good 8 minutes crossing one 10-12 meter long log bridge. What a shame! It was a bit hard, OK? But fun… that’s what I constantly told myself up there.

Close to the end of the Xtreme circuit, my arms and legs got a good workout. As I moved from one obstacle to the next and tried to balance my body, so I don’t embarrass myself and fall, I unnecessarily spent more energy than I had to. I guess I should do this one more time and see if I improve. There’s also the exhilarating 25-metre Tarzan jump and the scenic zip-line courses, which, in my opinion, will have crowds coming back for more.

All in all, a thrilling experience and I’d recommend it to everyone. Whether you’re with family, with friends, or especially if you’re alone this Valentine’s Day, have a go at it. If you can’t connect with someone, connect with nature instead.
 Jokes aside, staying fit need not be confined inside a gym. The outdoors provide lots of challenging activities as well, and Aventura Nature Adventure Park is well worth your time and energy.”


Petros Stathis