Arianna Huffington's decision and announcement to leave her position as the editor in-chief of the HuffPo after 11 years, was like a bomb dropping.

Even though she did help building one of the first major online media destinations and HuffPo continues to be the ultimate news website, it seems that she has new goals. Huffington expressed her desire to focus her attention on a new startup on health and wellness that lead her to make this decision.

Arianna Huffington in a official press release said:
 “When I decided to create Thrive Global, I thought it would be possible to build a startup and continue as editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post. Today, it’s clear that was an illusion. It is important to know when one door closes and another opens and I felt that moment had arrived."

And in two tweets in her Twitter account, she said:

“I thought HuffPost would be my last act. But I’ve decided to step down as HuffPost’s editor-in-chief to run my new venture, Thrive Global.”

“To everyone at HuffPost: it’s you who make HuffPost what it is. I’m filled with gratitude to all the colleagues and friends I’ve made here”

It seems that Huffington's future was not so sure for some time, last year she did signed a contract to remain HuffPo's president and editor-in-chief while launching Thrive Global, but after a while she stated in an interview that she realized that the new project needed her full attention.

But maybe it wasn't her new goals that lead her to quite her position, maybe it was because of Verizon's decision to acquire Yahoo, which includes a large news operation, and HuffPo is owned by AOL, which is owned by Verizon.


Petros Stathis