Celebrating the Autism Acceptance Month, Apple has started a campaign in raising awareness for autism. The technology giant has released two touching videos showing how its technologies helped a boy named Dillan to communicate with other people and express his feelings.

Apple Autism Awareness
This month is dedicated to the stories of people like Dillan. His words remind us how important it is to ensure everyone with a voice can be heard. In a two-minute film, titled Dillan’s Voice, the young man shares his feelings, fears, and concerns with us:
‘My name is Dillan and I am autistic. All my life I wanted so badly to connect with people but they couldn’t understand because I had no way to communicate.’‘I get to experience the world in a very unique way. I can see the wind, hear the flowers, I can feel incredible emotions flowing from those I love.’
And he continues: ‘So many people can’t understand that I have a mind, all they see is a person who is not in control. Now you can and hear. IPad helps me to see not only my words but to hold onto my thoughts’.
‘Having a voice has changed everything in my life. No more isolation.’
Dillan's interactions with the outside world are now possible with the help of an assistive communication application on the iPad. Before he could use the iPad to type, Dillan couldn't communicate even with his family, describing himself as "a lonely existence" where he had to create relationships with his various toy animals. 

The tech giant has launched a special section of the app store, known as Voices of Autism. This section allows users to download educational and every-day apps in addition to enable them to listen to podcasts about autistic people's real-life stories.


Petros Stathis