The hacktivist group Anonymous continue their operation #OpIcarus against banks in all the world!

The first victim of the hackers was the Central Bank of Greece. Anonymous launched a DDoS attack against the website of the bank on 3 of May and managed to take it down but only for some minutes. According to officials of the bank, the hacktivists weren’t able to obtain sensitive data.

According to the website HackRead, the second victim was the Central Bank of Cyprus. Its official website was also down for some hour because of DDoS attack.

Anonymous said that OpIcarus will last 30 days and it will be against central banks and financial institutes from all over the world. They didn’t say exactly which banks will be targeted next but in their video they said that they will fight against Bank of England and New York Stock Exchange.

According to the hacktivists, banks are the most important threat in the modern society and are all involved in corruption. Through OpIcarus they want to represent the voice of the voiceless across the world.

Anonymous is the most famous hacking group and it has members from all over the world. There isn’t structure in the organization and the members can participate in different operations whenever they want. That’s why it’s unclear how many members are participating now in Operation Icarus and from which countries. For sure, all the banks should take measures to be protected from potential attacks.

Their video about OpIcarus ends with this phrase: “Global Banking Cartel, you’ve probably expected us.”


Petros Stathis