The reconstruction of high school "1300 corporals" aims to ensure that all children has the same opportunities on education.

Serbian Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić, visited the renovated elementary school "Vojvoda Zivojin Misic" in Rajkovic near Mionica, and Ljig attended the signing of the contract on the reconstruction of high school "1300 corporals".
Vučić in Rajkovic said that by restoring the school they are giving to all children the same opportunities on education, while Ljig expressed satisfaction with the economic results of the government, in contrary with the opposition’s party.
“Our goal is to change the appearance of the country and to influence the future of children. We want every kid to the village of Rajkovic and not only here, to have an equal right to education and good teaching conditions”, he stated.
Serbian Prime Minister
Vucic in Ljig criticized the opposition parties for exporting and presenting false economic indicators. Moreover, Aleksandar Vučić said that Serbia and Q methodology are having better results than the previous government had stated, although there are parameters that are not realistic.
"Why don't you tell people that we have this approach better than Spain ... and if you convince me that in Belgrade live better than in Madrid and Barcelona and I will tell you great, but it is not so", said Vučić.
 According to him, those who behave badly, "they want to present the country as a criminal and monstrous".
 Vucic, who is leader of the Serbian Progressive Party, additionally brought up that in spite of "these lies" good people see, feel and distinguish "who is the right way for the future".
"This is the way the pride and dignity and the preservation of our national values, it is the European way of Serbia, fresh and clean as well as the preservation of our dominance and integrity," he closed.


Petros Stathis