Emirate’s new project is to transform Al Marjan Island, the first artificial island, to the Ibiza of the Middle East. This is the reason why they are trying to attract the attentions of Chinese investments.

Al marjan Island
The island is builded in the northern coast of the Emirate’s and is consisted of four different islands. Dream island, (one of the four) has been chose to be the future second Ibiza, one of the most famous destinations around the world.
It is generally believed, that the Chinese companies are more likely to be interested to invest to this big project. In China-Middle East Business Forum on Wednesday which took place in Dubai, George Saad, Al Marjan Sales and Marketing Director, presented the project and he stated that there are great opportunities for the Chinese companies to be a part of this investment. It’s going to be great to work with Chinese companies said in a statement.
Until now 15 percent of the islands is completed and especially in Breeze Island, which connects the land with the island complex. When ready the islands will reach a length of 4.5 kilometers inside the ocean and it’s going to cover about 2.7 million square kilometers. The islands will have beaches and many hotel rooms.
There is a general plan of attracting visitors to the area and the project is a part of it. It is very important for the Emirate to increase the tourism as it is the main economic source for a country with no other natural sources.


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