According to Bloomberg, Airbnb has raised another $850 million, valuing the company at $30 billion.

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Airbnb is an online marketplace which lets people to list, find and even rent houses around the world for a processing fee. Today, this seems to be the newest trend and we can tell that it will continue to be, after all who doesn't want to spend their vacation or their business trip in a affordable house with all the comforts?

Being in the middle of this new trend, Airbnb succeed to raise another 850 million dollars which led to the raise of the company's value at 30 billion dollars.

Left aside its recent influx of cash, the company has raised 2.39 billion dollars since its 2008 launch. The additional 850 million dollars brings that to just over $3.2 billion.

Even though the money raising is impressive, it came to a rather difficult time, as Airbnb is battling against cities over ever-growing presence and subsequent effects on the housing and hotel markets. It does not come as a surprise the fact that more and more cities are trying to tax Airbnb - there are about 200 cities worldwide that have some sort of tax in place that applies to the company.

Airbnb and Christopher Nulty said:

"We support efforts that make it easier for our community to pay their fair share of taxes and look forward to working with the legislatures in Massachusetts and New Jersey to make this happen."

"At a time when cities are working hard to stretch every dollar, Airbnb can be a valuable partner in strengthening city economies. We’ve worked together with cities around the world to collect and remit hotel, occupancy and tourist taxes on behalf of our hosts and guests."


Petros Stathis