The tiny island Obonjan in Croatia, which was isolated for years, is being transformed this year in a top destination especially for lovers of music and festivals!

island - Petros
Croatia is a preferred destination for those who wants to combine sun with music festivals. The last years the music festivals of the country have doubled and this year one more is coming! Obonjan the previously uninhabited island will have this summer for 2 months a very creative programme of music, arts, health and workshops starting from July!
The co-founder of this idea, Dan Blackledge said that this is not a festival like all the others and it’s an evolution of the festival idea which will be combined with an amazing nature setting. The founders want to give emphasis on the ecology and wellbeing and the attendants can stay in the island as long they want.
The development of the island is ensured to be low-impact. The architect Una Barac used only recycled material for her designs for the festival. The accommodation will be in tents of safari style and in eco-lodges.
The musical line-up of this year includes famous artists like Roy Ayers and DJ Shadow. There will be also workshops of astronomy, talks of various subjects, yoga classes, outdoor and indoor screenings, outdoor hot tubs and spa etc. In addition the food at the 5 different restaurants will be only local and organic.
As more and more people are searching for healthy or creative vacation, it seems that Obonjan will be a must-go destination!


Petros Stathis