Bosnian government institutions and public organizations spent around 4.5 million euros on acquiring vehicles in the initial half year of 2018.

In the initial half year of the year, around 4.5 million euros was spent on vehicles for government authorities, institutions and public organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as indicated by BIRN Bosnia’s new database.

Of this entirety, 1.5 million euros were spent on autos, some of them luxury models. The other three million euros were spent on vehicles like fire trucks, ambulances and SUVs.


An aggregate of 292 tenders were issued to buy the vehicles, yet in more than 70 for each penny of the tenders that were satisfied, just a single organization connected, the database appears.

Bosnian government institutions and public organizations distributed tenders to buy 563 vehicles amid the half year time frame, around half of which were traveler vehicles and SUVs.

Up until this point, 106 tenders have been satisfied to purchase 213 autos – 128 of them new and 38 used, and in alternate cases subtle elements have not been made public.

The costliest vehicle obtained in the initial a half year was for the medicinal workforce of the Mostar University, in a tender worth 50,000 euros.

Mostar therapeutic staff dignitary Milenko Bevanda first issued the tender in late 2017, yet revoked it subsequent to getting BIRN’s ask for a remark about the buy.

Be that as it may, in spring this year, Bevanda rehashed the tender and purchased another vehicle worth 42,300 euros without charges from the MRM organization in Ljubuski.

BIRN’s database demonstrates that in the initial a half year of this current year, MRM won the most important tenders, worth more than 375,000 euros.

Porsche BH from Sarajevo won the most tenders, esteemed at a sum of 285,000 euros.

Of the 292 issued tenders in the database, BIRN checked 26 tenders in which the asked for specifics of the vehicle are detailed to the point that they can confine rivalry or recommend a favored producer, which is against the nation’s public acquisition law.

In six tenders, the last estimation of the tender or buy surpassed the sum which was arranged.

The Bosnian Serb Interior service purchased six utilized vehicles for in excess of 10,000 euros more than the evaluated sum.

In whatever is left of the tenders, the requested specifics of the vehicle recommend or some of the time specifically express a specific model or maker, which is against the public acquisition law.

BIRN Bosnia distributed an examination in December demonstrating that around five million euros was spent on vehicles in 2017.

After BIRN’s reports about infringement of public acquirement hones, a few institutions changed their tender determinations.

The database likewise contains an enlist for vehicles effectively claimed by institutions and public organizations, which demonstrates that the normal cost of a vehicle is around 25,000 euros.

The Bosnian administration and the two substance presidents possess an aggregate of 54 autos, worth around 1.7 million euros.


Petros Stathis