As reported by the survey that was done by the Center for Civic Education (CGO), from 2008 to July 2015, 203 persons were awarded with a privileged citizenship of Montenegro, 195 of which were proposed by the Prime Minister.

203 privileged citizenships awarded 
The project was under the name "Level with Opportunities" and was organized by CGO, based on the data gathered in August 2013 and in July 2015. As Dragana Koprivica, project partner of the Non-governmental organization (NGO), stated, their target was to people learn about these data and to build up a routine of their general distribution.
As indicated by her, it is important to make Montenegro an intriguing destination for remote venture, so it is vital not to hazard the positive image of the state by awarding this sort of citizenship.
As indicated by the Law on Citizenship, Montenegrin citizenship, the citizenships could be come by origin, birth, naturalization and in accordance with worldwide understandings and settlements. Svetlana Pesic from the NGO said that in order to grant a privileged citizenship President of the State, Speaker of the Parliament and Prime Minister should propose who should be awarded, and the choice have to be made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
As she clarified, the data they have in their possession do not show the exact way that top authorities pick persons for proposal for the privileged citizenship, since such recommendations are barely notified.
Some of the positive cases, apart from the football player Saveljic and family Kapicic, were the cases of monetary citizenships of Peter Munk, the fundamental financial specialist in Porto Montenegro plan, Nathaniel Rothschild, who additionally helped that investment, and of Petros Stathis, holder of a lot of organizations in Montenegro mainly in the fields of tourism, media, banking etc.


Petros Stathis