Montenegro is transforming in a must-see travel destination! The odd is not this but how people haven’t recognized it so many years.

montenegro 2015
Montenegro is worth visiting as it is a destination for all the seasons. It has the classic Mediterranean beauty, amazing nature and traditional cities and it’s much cheaper than other similar destinations.
As the Minister of Tourism and Sustainable Development of Montenegro, Branimir Gvozdenovic said, 2015 was the best year for tourism until now with profits of 800 million euros and 11 million stays.
A fact like this should be celebrated and it did with a big party in a famous hotel of Montenegro. The event was organised by Tourism Association, the National Tourism Organisation and the ministry and the most notable professionals of tourism sector and only were there.
The people of Montenegro have reasons to be happy because their country this year was in third place of the fastest growing tourism destinations in the world.
Gvozdenovic added that except of the big profits, this year was so important because the tourism season was extended. Also he referred to the big impact of foreign investments on tourism.
In fact, a reason for this fast development is that new ideas came to the country. Smart businessmen recognized the opportunities that the Balkan country gives and decided to invest in the tourism sector. One example is the famous Greek entrepreneur Petros Stathis who before some years moved his operations in Montenegro. Petros Stathis changed the image of hotels in the country. He managed to take over and be the co-owner of one of the most famous and glamorous resorts in the country, Aman Sveti Stefan and most recently he became the only owner of another significant resort of Montenegro, Maestral Resort & Casino and he plans to renovate it. Stathis is also investor in Aman Canal Grande, the hotel where George Clooney got married!
We hope Montenegro keeps its fast development also in 2016!


Petros Stathis