banking malware whats app

Cyber security experts are warning users about a bogus update for the Android version of messaging app WhatsApp that threats their banking information.

banking malware whats app
The fake update contains malware that has the ability to access the banking apps stored on the infected phones and steal credit card information.
There have been several cases reported of unsuspecting Android users trying to update the popular messaging app, but instead they, unknowingly, installed malicious software intercepting their personal data.
The fake update is prompted by a pop-up window, which encourages people to click on it as to download the new version of the messaging app, in order not to lose access to the app. This kind of pop-up ads are showing up while users surf virus-infected websites.
Security researchers are recommending users not to install apps from outside of Google's Play Store, in order to remain 'largely unaffected' by the malware.
Users who are most in danger are those looking to download apps from third-party markets which are very prevalent in some parts of the world.
As a common security practice, users who want to install a new WhatsApp update are adviced to go to the official website and download the latest beta version, or head to the Google Play Store as to install the stable version.


Petros Stathis