More than 5,000 citizens of UAE spend their time on social media correspondingly to their age, according to new statistics.

Social Media accounts
A new research from YouGov revealed that UAE citizens consume 5 hours more or less to their sοcial media accounts and 29% of them have 6 to 10 apps to their devices.

In particular, the statistical analysis showed that each age group spends different amount of time on its social media accounts. Users from 18 to 35 years old spend 2-6 hours daily, whereas adults from 36 to 55 years old spend 30 minutes to two hours each day.

Most of the UAE population who uses sοcial media, focuses its attention more to Facebook(82%), following by YouTube (58%) and last but not least it is LinkedIn (26%). Others Social Media, like Flickr, Foursquare, Reddit and Tumblr are not such highly visited, with less than 2% of the population accessing them.

As for which site is the most visited by the users, Facebook is on the top of that list with 63% of the citizen using it more than any other social media site available many times a week. YouTube is stable on the second place following Facebook’s example.

Strangely, the findings revealed that 41% of the UAE population consider social media a pretty accessible and significant way of learning about new and helpful tips for brands and various products. It is important to highlight that Sοcial Media are the second best way of advertising your products, after the general internet browsing.

YouGov director, Nehal Hassan Jibouri noted that the significance of social media in the everyday life of the UAE citizens. Moreover, he added that sοcial media serve two important roles: they are giving the opportunity to share our unique moments with others but also is a great mean to collect information and learn more for one another.


Petros Stathis