A daily TV and radio event was announced by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in order the residents to have a higher motive for their well-being.

Stay healthy and win! Dubai
More specifically, DHA urges every citizen to have happy and active habits in order to win gifts and money prizes, worth up to Dh 5,000 for each day during Ramadan. Furthermore, it should be noted that these two competitions (radio and television) were organized with the support of Dubai Media Incorporated.
The TV contest will be displayed on Sama Dubai from Sunday to Thursday at 7.58pm and on Dubai TV at 12.13am. Each day there will be a winner for the Dh 5,000 prize. The winners are going to be revealed, during the Ramadan Wa Alnaas programm, the next day.
Respectively, the radio content, hosted in DHA’s Mohammad Yousuf, will be on air on the Noor Dubai radio channel from 10am-11am during DHA’s programm Seha Wa Saada (Happiness and Health), from Sunday to Thursday. The winners of the radio competition will receive a smart tablet. The outcome will come up in a draw that will occur live on the event.
The main reason for the contest was in the context of DHA’s attempts to reinforce its strategic relationship with the public. So, it managed to find different ways to raise awareness for a healthy lifestyle and promote the significance of the well-being.


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