New York Times has a big plan for the future! The famous newspaper will invest $50m in order to be the leader in global journalism!

New York Times
The newspapers wants to accomplish this in the next three years. According to the publisher of New York Times, it’s the right time to do this because of the increasing pressure that media all over the world receive. Inside the general economic and political pressure in media, New York Times recognized a big opportunity for its digital expansion.
The publisher stated that as exactly the newspaper was leader of national news in the previous generation, now can be leader in global news and opinion.
Already the website of NYT has 375m visits from all over the world but only the 26.6% of the traffic is coming from outside US. In US it’s the 6th biggest media site.
New York Times’ investment will focus a lot in the market of UK where they are going to hire more staff. In addition, in the plan of the media organization is included a new division, NYT Global which will follow a three-year growth strategy of $50m. This new team will be led by the international president, Stephen Dunbar Johnson and the international editor, Joe Kahn.
The announcement of NYT said that the site has already revenue from international consumers but it can achieve more by writing for and about these international readers. New York Times except of raising its digital revenue, aims also to represent the objective journalism without any fear or pressure!


Petros Stathis