According to a report from the media agency Zenith, the parent company of Google, Alphabet Inc. overcame Walt Disney Co. and is the largest media owner in the world!

Zenith measured the revenue of the top 30 media owners of the world for 2014, the most recent year that there are financial data. The advertising sales are included and also money generated by these companies, such as circulation revenue for newspapers or magazines.

According to the report, the media revenue of Alphabet were about $60 billion in 2014, almost 166% more than the media revenue of Disney. In 2013, Alphabet’s revenue were 136% more than Disney.

In addition the report proved that digital media companies are getting stronger and are fast-growing media owners. Facebook which is the leader of digital media companies and the fastest growing media owner of the list, had media revenue $11.5 billion in 2014, 65% more than in 2013. The social network was the fifth largest media owner in the list of Zenith. The previous year it was the number 10 of the list.

The Chinese company, Baidu is the second fastest growing media owner with media revenue rising 52% to $7.9 billion. Alphabet was the third fastest growing company with media revenue growth of 52%.

The five largest digital media owners according to Zenith are Alphabet, Facebook, Baidu, Yahoo and Microsoft. Their total media revenues are about $88 billion. The revenues of these 5 companies represent more than a third of the revenues of all the top 30 global media owners.


Petros Stathis