Here are some news that might surprise you in a good way! Facebook, after launching its new "fundraiser" feature for nonprofits to collect donations, they now announcing that they have expanded the tool to individual users.

The tool is available to users in the U.S. ( to be more specific to 1% of U.S. users) so they can create dedicated fundraiser pages to raise money for verified nonprofits and by doing so Facebook will be able to gather feedback and make sure there aren't any bugs.

The team that is behind the new frature is Facebook's Social Good team, which officially launched in September 2015 and is the force behind tools like Safety Check and Amber Alerts. They hope to break down barriers and empower people to use the tools it is building.

"We had Facebοok fundraising for nonprofits with International Medical Corps in Nepal, and then last year ... nonprofits could fundraise for themselves. But the real vision has always been people fundraising for nonprofits", said Naomi Gleit, vice president of product management for social good at Faceboοk.

The inspiration came from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which went viral in 2014. Facebook saw people raising money and awareness, but the ALS Association told Facebook that it couldn't handle the volume of traffic to its website, nor could it accept international currencies.

Now, users will be able to donate directly through Faceboοk or start their own campaigns.

"Before we actually disburse funds to them, depending on how much money it is, we'll do some more quality control. We just want to make sure there's no fraud, so there's an additional layer of vetting."


Petros Stathis