Here we are, loving more and more every day our digital life. Social networks are part of our lives and a new pretty famous website "Internet world stats" helps us with the numbers. To be more precise, the residents of Montenegro are font of all the social platforms and nearly half of them have a Facebook account, according to the site.

More specifically, from 320.000 profiles the most users are men and they are followed by the female population (55-45). Comparing with the last year’s results the total number of Facebook profiles, which was 280.000, the number has grown significantly since 2015.

Moreover, in the Internet world stats website are described the results from almost every country of the planet. As concerns our neighbors, Facebook is least popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the 38.8 percent of the population is using the above-mentioned social network. This number is differentiated in Croatia, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia where the respectively numbers are 45, 46 and 48 percent for both of the last countries.

In general in Europe, approximately 615.000.000 people (73.9 %) are using the internet and at least 328.273.740 have a Facebook account.

Furthermore, in accordance with the website, 60.2% of the population is using the internet which attributes to about 388.057 people. It is significant to say that according to the above data, the IT literacy of Montenegrins is improving year by year. For sure, it is a really positive fact for the country!

However, if we compare the numbers of population that uses the internet with its neighboring countries, Montenegro sits in one of last places. Preceding Croatia with 75 percent, Macedonia with approximately 70 percent and they followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina with 68.1 percent and Serbia with 66 percent. Last but not least is the Albania where almost 60 percent of its population is using the Internet.


Petros Stathis