Facebook has once again modified the "formula" used to decide what users see in their News Feed - and this time, it's personal.

Facebook says it changed the News Feed, so that people can see more messages from friends and from their family in their timeline and not, say, from the New York Times or Buzzfeed. Now in case you wondered how you can see the new desired Feed after the changes in the algorithm of Facebook, here are some tricks that you can use in the best possible way on Facebook.

• Click the "Like" button and comment more often
 The social media giant wants to know that there is engagement with the content and this is the best way to show it. If you start to get more likes and comments, Facebook will show you more of the same content that you liked or commented.

• Post new articles on your own
 Your friends will continue to see if you continue to produce them.

• Visit friends or followers pages and profiles
 You can also visit a page or a profile and make sure you are a friend or follower. This will definitely improve the content of your homepage.

It is in the interest of Facebook to show to more than 1 billion users daily, things that will engage their interest and make them keep coming back. For this purpose, the company says it is investigating tens of thousands of users every day to get a complete picture of what users want to see in their News Feed.


Petros Stathis