During his early activities in Greece, Petros Stathis assisted and managed to establish “MTV Greece” and “Nickelodeon TV” alongside radio stations, magazines and other media outlets. He was the president and executive manager of MTV Greece and a current investor in some of the mentioned media.

Media Investments

After his relocation in Montenegro, he recognized the need for a new media in the country. Therefore, he established “Dnevne Novine” a new daily newspaper which made an immediate impact with its freshness and its ethics in the country.

Petros Stathis also invested and expanded in the digital media (CDM, Portal Analitika). Recently and after participation in various tenders, he managed to acquire the most historical newspaper in the country named “Pobjeda“.

In the near future, his plan is to create the most advanced printing facilities in the area to cover the needs of newspapers, to which he already invested in machinery and expanded more in digital media as well as the Internet.